Sharon Goodenough

My creative process started at a young age through drawing, painting and then later, photography. While working as a photographers assistant I developed my visual skills and became accomplished in manipulating colour prints by hand. After training as a Special Effects Makeup Artist I worked on various projects with celebrities and emerging musicians, the work appeared in the national press and on album covers.

Fortunately I have been able to study a number of creative pathways while either maintaining a ‘proper job’ or raising my son. While studying Fine Art, I was heavily influenced by the Impressionist movement. I think the simplicity in the way the artists painted what they saw, thought and felt resonated with me. Intrigued by the way they sought to capture the optical effects of light and to convey the fleeting nature of the present moment, I was hooked. These rich and varied experiences have led me to now, where I am so grateful to have the freedom to do what I love full-time – painting.

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