Ready To Buy Picture Frames

We have a selection of readymade frames always in stock in the gallery.

We are sure to have the right size frame for you to walk away with. We stock the Neilson Ready Made Frames from the ranges, Essential, Classic and Quadrum.

Or our handmade range of frames in sizes 6×4, 5×7, 8×6, 10×8, 10×12 and 11 x 14


The quick change artist

If you want to do it yourself Nielsen readymade frames are for you.

Nielsen Classic is a range of metal frames which brings elegance and simplicity to your images!



Design and nature

The wood readymade frame Quadrum, quality workmanship, readymade frame. Available in grey, black and white.

Frame pictures in a readymade frame with a big rebate allowing the use of double mats and laminated posters, all with top quality backing board with torsion springs and edge polished float glass.


Fine solid wood quality

If you like natural woods, then you’ll love the fine solid, high quality woods in the Nielsen readymade frame range.

An elegant solution to modern style.

Handmade Picture Frames

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