Home Consultation

We are here to help you discover the ideal artwork. We’ll arrange for the artwork to be showcased in your home or workspace, giving you a firsthand glimpse of how it complements your surroundings. The interplay of lighting and colours within a room can significantly influence the artwork’s aura, and by observing it in your space, you can make your decision with certainty. Should you require assistance in pinpointing the perfect style, we’ll also bring along a curated assortment of artworks, enabling us to collaboratively explore and identify the one that resonates perfectly with you.

Art Commissions

Appreciate the artist’s work, but seeking something that aligns more closely with your preferences? Opting for a commissioned artwork presents a wonderful opportunity to attain precisely what resonates with you. Upon choosing your preferred artist, we collaborate closely with you to conceptualize the ideal composition. Subsequently, the artist brings this vision to life, staying true to their distinctive style. The process of commissioning art offers a truly unique and remarkable journey, as you gain the satisfaction of owning a piece crafted exclusively for you.

Art For Your Business

Cultivate the perfect atmosphere for your clientele through strategically positioned artworks and sculptures within your business premises. Art possesses the ability to mirror the essence of your enterprise while affording patrons a space to unwind and find solace. Our expertise lies in offering consultation and guidance to help you select the most fitting pieces that align harmoniously with your business’s identity.

Interior Design services

We collaborate closely with interior designers, aiding in the procurement of artwork that aligns seamlessly with their creative visions. Our network grants us access to a roster of exceptional artists in the UK, spanning from well-established names to emerging talents. Whether it’s fulfilling the desires of a collector or adding the finishing touch to a room’s aesthetic, we’re equipped to supply the perfect artwork. Additionally, our services extend to reframing beloved pieces to harmonize with the new design, and we offer the creation of custom-sized, exquisite mirrors to enhance the overall ambience.

Gift Vouchers

Give the gift of art by purchasing a gift voucher for The Circle Gallery. Vouchers can be bought from £10 upwards.  We can assist with collating vouchers for a wedding gift list, or as a group purchase for a leaving gift or birthday gift.   Vouchers can be bought in the gallery or over the telephone.

Bespoke Picture Framing Service

We have over 30 years experience in framing.  With that experience comes a knowledge of how to achieve the best results to make your item look fantastic.  Over the years we have consulted on framing a wide range of items, from valuable artwork, sports shirts, musical instruments, jewellery, Tennis racquets, bouquets, photographs.  All items are special to us and we will help you create the look you want.

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