Natasha Boast

Natasha Boast is a leading contemporary artist based in Surrey. Her innovative style of blending and layering means her paintings evolve for hours, inspired by expressionist styles. Natasha’s work is becoming increasingly sought-after, with pieces in corporate and residential collections in the UK and across Europe.

Natasha’s work is resin based, for her large striped pieces this is by the careful pouring of row after row of bright colours. The donuts are created by pouring the resin into moulds that Natasha has made, adding the colour and glitter and sprinkles to create unique pieces each time.

Natasha is a pioneer of photo luminescent pigments. Combining polymer resins, pigments, paints and other materials to create exciting and unique paintings which absorb UV energy from daylight, releasing the latent energy after dark to create a long lasting ambient glow.

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