Amber-Jane Raab

Amber-Jane Raab, colour photograph of the artist at work

Amber-Jane Raab mirrors her artistic expression with her unique perspective on the world, where imperfection reigns, complexity abounds, and every detail holds significance amidst the chaos of existence. Through her creative endeavors, she captures this ethos, employing stylized techniques such as ‘collage and paint overlay’ to imbue her digital designs with depth and texture.

Her work is a synthesis of disparate elements, blending rudimentary collage with spontaneous scribbles to form cohesive yet eclectic compositions that echo the intricacies of life itself. Born in Australia but raised in London, Amber-Jane Raab has journeyed through the realms of design and she has cultivated a rich understanding of artistry and aesthetics.

Initially, her career led her into the corporate world as a graphic artist and later as the Director of design consultancy for prominent investment banks. However, fuelled by a desire to embrace her true passion, she made the bold decision in 2005 to pursue artistry full-time. Since then, Amber-Jane Raab has remained committed to pushing the boundaries of mixed media, continuously seeking fresh avenues for creative exploration and innovation.

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