Amanda Padfield

Amanda Padfield, colour photograph of the artist

Amanda Padfield lives in Ascot with her husband, and her dog. Currently she spends most of her time working in her studio painting and experimenting with different mediums and techniques.

Amanda Padfield studied Fine Art after leaving school then went on to University to continue her studies in Art, Fashion and Textiles. Undoubtedly this background training has had an impact on the way she creates her artwork, but perhaps her biggest influences have come from her extensive travels around the World. Travelling both as a young designer and later accompanying her husband on many overseas postings.

Being immersed in the natural landscapes and scenery, traditions and cultural diversity of these many countries have all influenced and inspired the work of Amanda Padfield. From Europe to the Middle East and Africa, India to the Far East, Australia and America, all have left their mark.

Amanda’s aim is to move the viewer over the canvas to discover hidden gems and humorous quirks. To bring a smile to the onlooker with a touch of fantasy in a world where anything is possible.

Each one of Amanda’s artworks is unique and she brings the canvas to life by using a variety of mixed media and a combination of both painting and printing techniques. The use of iridescent acrylic colours and gold leaf with the addition of tiny glass beads and other textured and crackling mediums help breathe life and movement into her pieces. She also uses both artificial and natural materials to create the three dimensional look.

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