John Waterhouse

John Waterhouse, black and white photograph of the artist on a motorbike

Award-winning artist John Waterhouse is one of Britain’s most talented and versatile oil painters. His highly acclaimed paintings range from mountains shrouded in mist to exquisitely portrayed female figures, and reflect his passion for the beauty he sees in people, places and objects.

John Waterhouse creates idealised images which have inspired a generation of art lovers. His creative process is painstaking and meticulous, involving weeks of preparation prior to working on the finished oil painting. Each piece originates in a memory or an emotion, which he may jot down as a title, a quick sketch, or something more in-depth – sketches or drawings which help him to reconnect with the feelings or memories that gave him that initial idea. He describes himself as a student of light, explaining that he studies the light as much as, if not more than, the physical aspects of a landscape; how the light may fall on some grasses or reflect on the water of a flooded field.

Born in 1967, John Waterhouse began his career teaching art to young offenders and came to believe that art has the power to touch people’s lives and change them for the better in a multitude of ways. ‘It gives us the power to express ourselves and release our emotions. Through art we can tell the world what we are about. Art lets you dig deep inside yourself and turn the energy into something positive, something people can see and hopefully gain inspiration from.’ This realisation cemented his desire to become an artist in his own right, and since taking this step he has become one of our most acclaimed and collectable landscape artists.

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