Emily Crook

Emily Crooks artwork is bold and bright.  She works with hand cut stencils to create the background to her artwork.  The familiar images are painted over the top using acrylics.  Inspired by ­fashion, culture, pop and her love of street art, Emily combines all of these to create her unique art.

Emily Crook was born in 1996 and studied Graphic Design at Middlesex University, but always had a passion for art. Upon graduating Emily changed her career path and became dedicated to creating art and finding her unique artistic vision. ­Emily takes her inspiration from fashion, culture, pop and street art and then merges these with icons from popular culture which she grew up surrounded by.

Emily Crook has always followed street art and this takes influence in her backgrounds. The backgrounds are all created using spray paint and hand cut stencils and then acrylic paints are used to hand paint her chosen icon over the top. Finally Emily’s love for fashion comes through many of the pieces as the her icons will usually be found holding shopping bags or be wearing luxury brands.

If you have a favourite character, commission a piece from Emily to create your own special piece of artwork.

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