Daisy Clayton

Daisy Clayton is an abstract artist from Oxfordshire. Before pursuing a career as a professional artist, she graduated from Queen Mary University, London with a masters degree in psychology. Her background in psychology has greatly influenced her work by focusing her interest on how a painting can emotionally impact the viewer. She seeks to create artwork that make them feel something and move them with the intensity of strong emotions.

Daisy uses acrylics, collage, and gold leaf to depict a balance of calming tones and contrasting colours. She loves creating a sculptural quality to her work with the use of texture. The composition of her landscapes, seascapes, and cityscapes centre around a pivotal point of light and she develops layers to induce memories, whilst providing room for unique interpretation.

Daisys paintings have met with great critical acclaim from both the art establishment and her contemporaries, and her work has featured in magazines including The World of Interiors, GQ and Vanity Fair.

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