Artist Focus: Symon Potter

“My Paintings Are A Voyage Into The World Of My Subconscious, Through The Expression Of Movement & Colour, To A Place, On Canvas, Where Spontaneity Meets Organisation And Structure.”

Symon Potter

Symon’s art is a fusion of paint, enriched by materials like gold leaf, interweaving color, pattern, and shapes with the tapestry of life experiences. It’s a canvas where graffiti, subcultures, music, and the wanderlust of travel converge, giving rise to abstract works that breathe life into texture.

Symon’s creative spirit often gravitates towards vivid, lively hues that evoke a sense of warmth and curiosity, almost like a hint of magic. This fascination with metal leaf is a recurrent theme in many of his pieces. Its presence imparts an ethereal quality, suggesting something beyond the ordinary, perhaps even something spiritual.

The genesis of his artistic process often begins with a loose, sometimes even chaotic, approach. Yet, as he immerses himself in the work, a precise focus emerges, akin to the construction of a finely crafted mosaic. Layer upon layer of color and gilding builds, each stroke a deliberate act of mark making.

Each painting becomes a quest for the new, an exploration of uncharted territory, a dance with the canvas that invites viewers to embark on a visual journey filled with wonder and discovery.

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