Artist Focus: Natasha Boast

Natasha Boast, a prominent contemporary artist hailing from Surrey, stands at the forefront of her craft. Her artistry is marked by an innovative approach that involves intricate blending and layering techniques, resulting in paintings that continuously transform over hours, drawing inspiration from the expressive styles of the art world. Natasha’s artistic creations are rapidly gaining recognition and demand, finding their place in both corporate and residential art collections across the United Kingdom and throughout Europe.

Natasha’s distinctive artistic medium lies in the use of resin. In the case of her expansive striped artworks, she meticulously pours layer upon layer of vibrant colours, crafting mesmerizing compositions. As for her captivating doughnut pieces, she employs custom-made moulds into which resin is poured, infusing them with a playful palette of colours, glimmers, and sprinkles, ensuring that each piece remains entirely unique.

Furthermore, Natasha has earned the distinction of being the pioneering force behind photo-luminescent artworks in the United Kingdom. Her innovation involves harnessing photo-luminescent pigments, seamlessly integrating them with polymer resins, pigments, paints, and assorted materials. The result is a collection of exhilarating and unparalleled paintings that absorb UV energy during the day, only to release this latent energy after sunset, casting a long-lasting and enchanting ambient glow that captivates the observer.

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