David Kirkman

David Kirkman, colour photograph of the artist sitting next to his artwork

David Kirkman is an internationally selling Abstract artist. His mixed media paintings are immersive; balancing energy, spontaneity, chaos and a lot of emotion. They are about life, humanity and freedom – of a state of mind; of excitement, and contemplation – full of contrasts. In a world of struggle and judgement David Kirkman wants to bring escape, meditation and positivity, to create a thinking space for his viewers, to allow them to immerse themselves and escape from the everyday.

David’s passion for diving is an intriguing layer to his work, it expresses a lot of what he does within his paintings- the space to breathe when underwater, where nothing but your senses and breath matter…the quiet and the tapestry of the underwater, the unknown.

David Kirkamn says, ‘To put yourself at the mercy of the ocean is to feel humbled and free. I draw inspiration from wanting to capture these feelings in paint. To create excitement through the brushstrokes, movement, contrast and colours and at the same time find peace within the moments they create. With each breath or mark you are embracing your own vulnerabilities and turning them into positive experiences. Whether under the water or on land, our world is colourful and chaotic but also mesmerising. I want my paintings to immerse and capture you in the space between uncertainty and acceptance.’

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