Alexander Rhys

Alexander Rhys, colour photograph of the artist at work

Alexander Rhys possesses a distinctive perspective on the world, which he expresses through his lively narrative artworks. Embracing this outlook, he delves into the intricate interplay of visual elements like colour, pattern, and texture, recognising their unique ability to communicate and narrate tales within design and structure.

Alexander Rhys explores diverse realms, drawing inspiration from both the natural and the crafted, from bustling urban landscapes to serene rural scenes. Moreover, he finds intrigue in the juxtaposition of Eastern and Western artistic traditions, further enriching his creative journey.

Working first with acrylics, which he uses as a tool to build up the layered texture, Rhys then moves on to spray cans which introduce a sense of freedom and unpredictability, taking his everyday subjects on a journey from ordinary to the extraordinary. The impact of his works is heightened by his use of a vivid palette and the inclusion of metallic golds and silvers gives a richness to the overall composition.

Alexander Rhys studied Fine Art at Birmingham and Bath Spa University and since 2017, his work has been sold and published in London, Paris, Amsterdam, New York, LA, Chicago and Japan.

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