Rerun’s high impact images are a blend of extreme contrasts between order and chaos; graffiti is juxtaposed with classical painting, elementary mark making with skilful technique, explosions of colour with simple motifs, and urban degradation with flawless finishing. His art is his personal attempt to make meaning of daily life in a world where we are bombarded with thousands of marketing messages a day. “It feels like chaos hitting our senses and yet we wear a mask of serenity like we’re on top of it all. I hope to show both the noise and the calm in my work.”

A graduate of Edinburgh College of Art and Edinburgh Atelier of Fine Art, Rerun has been drawing and painting, making poster, and creating graffiti and tagging for as long as he can remember. Classical art school gave him the tools to make any kind of art he liked and he chose to tread a path between old and new – returning to his street art roots, but blending in elements of realism learned from the study of the old masters.

Initially he used one medium at a time but has now moved on to mixed media, enjoying the freedom of collage, the immediacy of spray paint and the different marks that can be made, but also the flawless finish of oil paint which he was trained to use. He loves the materials and the craft of making something from a blank canvas just as artists have for hundreds of years.

Rerun is drawn to painting not only a means of creative expression but for the sheer physical pleasure of the process. Working on several pieces at once he is constantly on the move, one minute spray painting a canvas tacked to the wall, the next standing in front of an easel painting in fine details with a brush on a panel. This modus operandi translates into his work giving it an authenticity of style and contributing to the sense of spontaneity and high energy levels.

On a personal level Rerun is fascinated by the way we live now and what makes each of us an individual in a mass produced society. “I am interested in looking at our modern lives and how we’ve become who we are. What makes us us and how is that different to everyone else? I love contrasting eye popping colour with drips, tags and marks against serene, beautiful elements like faces and figures. I’m curious about the voice of our conscious and how we balance it with how we present ourselves to the world.”

“I enjoy all the materials I work with and the challenge of keeping things balanced to give life to my thoughts”.

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