Ghost, colour photograph of the artists

Ghost is a unique collaborative project that takes two artists and combines their skills to create incredible works of modern and contemporary art.

Ghosts’ skillset focuses on transforming their viewers perspective of various icons, characters and classic museum paintings and reconstructs their subject by manipulating, embellishing and altering the images – using their extraordinary skills with detailed painting with traditional oils, graffiti spray-paint and street art style fabrication.

Utilising both mixed media methods and urban art techniques as a source of inspiration, Ghost create artworks that are a satirical and juxtaposed nod to the anti-establishment. Inspired by the emotive response of street art fashions, Ghost set out to create unique artworks which celebrate the diversity of the contemporary art scene.

Taking their own love and influence from tattoo art in its various forms, Ghost design their own ink sketches to adorn the individuals in their paintings.

Unapologetically bold, their mixed media artworks and corresponding limited editions are uniquely embellished by hand, using a wide variety of techniques and processes that are finished with in statement spray painted frames as continuations of their compositions.

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