Emma Loizides

My fascination for all things Americana began at a young age. Cinema opened my eyes to the frenetic streets of New York in Home Alone, and I saw a glimpse of the big Boulevards of Hollywood in Pretty Woman.

My route into art wasn’t a traditional one. After university I started working in banking and enrolled in Saturday classes to learn oil painting. Travel became a resource for my work, sketching and photographing my road trips along the way. I am drawn to colourful sunsets, interesting architecture, and anything from palm trees to road signs. My sketchbook helps me record moments of curiosity moving through a place, of being present.

Strolling around the streets of London is also a source of inspiration. I often Paint idealised scenes of the city, devoid of people and cars, emulating a sense of calm, or even melancholy. Capturing the peaceful mystery of the early hours.

My work is rich with texture, inspired by artists such as Wayne Thiebauld, who creates a creamy consistency with paint. My romanticized paintings feature quirky buildings and expansive skies with pops of pastel neon paint. The saturated cityscapes are about escapism, offering the viewer a moment to contemplate. A short break from the chaos of city life.

They are also about fun and enjoyment, sharing the feeling of nostalgia I get looking over a twinkling skyline, painting an ice cream van or mixing the Florida pink that brings happy memories.

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