Elaine Mather

Elaine’s love of nature began when she was asked to work on a bonsai tree design for Liberty Textiles.

“The trees in textiles were always vibrant with texture and weight,” she explains. “The intricacies of those trees, each one unique, was probably the start of my fascination with those giant protectors of the environment.”

The artist now loves nothing more than exploring, sketching and photographing the UK and European countryside, particularly the Italian Dolomites. Her husband is an international mountain guide, and she credits him with introducing her to the stunning landscapes that inspire her paintings.

She adds: “What I get from painting is the chance to look at the world around me. Nature is the most beautiful thing in the world, yet we are so quick to destroy it. The vibrant colours I use in my trees make them much less likely to be passed over or ignored.”

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