We have over 30 years experience in bespoke picture framing.

At The Circle Gallery, staying abreast of the latest trends in picture framing is a point of pride for us, while we also maintain expertise in traditional framing methods.

When you visit our gallery for framing services, we prioritize the consultation process. Taking the time to understand your specific objectives, we draw upon our experience to provide the best advice tailored to achieve your desired outcome.

Our selection of frames is truly remarkable, with an extensive array to choose from. Our primary focus is on wood frames, which offer timeless elegance, but we also present a collection of metal frames for those seeking a contemporary touch.

To keep things fresh and exciting, we consistently introduce new frames alongside our existing range. Whether you’re in search of a crisp white frame, a sleek pewter option, a classic black gloss, a charming shabby chic look, soft candy and pastel colors, or even a more traditional frame, we have a diverse and fantastic assortment to suit your preferences.

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