New Collection from Emma Gibbons

The much anticipated new collection from Emma Gibbons has arrived

I make artworks out of thousands of hand-crafted resin and glitter pills. Using recognisable brands and iconography, I like to play with ideas of consumerism whilst creating artworks that entice, intrigue and ultimately, make people smile. 
Each pill is made by hand with resin combined with colour pigments, and lots of sparkle! Depending on the piece, my work may feature cake sprinkles, crushed glass, sand, polymer clay, diamond dust or Swarovski crystals.
I’m obsessed with colour and texture and I use the repetitive nature of the pills to explore the nature of materialism and excess……
More is most definitely more!       Emma G xxx

Emma has launched a fantastic collection of both original pieces and limited edition screen prints. Working with thousands of hand made resin and glitter pills to create unique art. The artwork is box framed All of Emma’s originals are available in different colour combinations on commission.

View Emma’s collection here:

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