Autumn Collection from Richard Blunt

Three stunning new pieces from the master of figurative contemporary artwork, Richard Blunt.

‘Progressing along the path of my signature style and subjects, this years Autumn Collection draws inspiration from the “golden age” of cinema. I always hope to portray some form of cinematic style in my work, so what better stage than the powerful and charismatic era of classic Hollywood to continue the theme?! “Power Couple” Just like their fictional counterparts, this couple are independent and successful in their own right. However, as a team, they are a force to be reckoned with.’ Richard Blunt October 2021

As a seasoned, collectable artist, Richard has been incredibly creative over the past 12-18 months, with collections and releases from his busy studios that have resonated so well with both new clients and his own dedicated following alike. Richard’s ability to create such unique artworks that perfectly consolidate a traditional medium and palette with modern and contemporary compositions and themes.

Richard has released three new images, ‘Power Couple’, ‘The Director’ and ‘Leading Lady’. With each edition, Richard has also released the initial sketch as a limited edition, this scaled back image allows us to focus in on the essence of the piece that Richard has created. Richards pieces are beautifully presented, deckled edge prints floating on a black background with an off white mount before a leather wrapped dark frame.

View Richard’s collection here:

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