Studio Editions from Jessie Foakes

Jessie has a wonderful naive approach to painting. Her relationship with paint is a spontaneous one, and there is a sense of freedom and movement in the texture of her chosen subject. The sculptural quality to her work is rich and luxuries, and this is juxtaposed with the simplicity of the subject. Here lies the essence of Jessie’s style and the joy of her work; she chooses well known characters or everyday icons and approaches them with a new fresh vision, offering an interpretation that is both stylistically unique and endearing. Bold, unstructured and energised, Jessie’s work has a magical quality that offers the viewer an overwhelming sense of nostalgia and imprints the feel-good factor!

“I’m used to working in a kind of here and there style, and I guess that’s how I paint! I love working with something super obvious and changing it into how I see it… a change here and there… see how we go.”  Jessie Foakes

Jessie has released four pieces as Limited Edition Hand Embellished canvas. With just 25 of each available, they will make a fabulous edition to your home.

View Jessie’s collection here:

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