There are many different styles available in mounting, single mount, double mount, triple mount, french mounts, shadow mounts, frame slip mount, to mention a few which we are able to offer, we have samples of all of these styles in the gallery.

We are also able to cut multiple windows in a mount to go into one frame, this looks great for a range of framing such as, graduation photo and certificate, photo and descriptive title, wedding table plans, or a more stylish way to display a photo montage.

Some of the most effective mounts we are offering at the moment are:

French mount

A real show case of mounts that displays the work beautifully, this gives such depth to the image and really guides your eye in, we can add colour into this mount or keep it neutral.

Shadow mount

This raises the mount from the images to give a sense of perspective, a really good choice if you have an interesting edge to the artwork to show.

French mount with colour added to double mount
French mount
Black French mount
Shadow mount with slip frame
Double shadow mount