Introducing Jessie Foakes

After receiving the latest Limited-Edition hand-embellished canvases ‘Coco Dreams’, ‘Bollinger Bubbles’, and ‘Moet Moments’, I had to get in touch with the incredible artist herself, Jessie Foakes. The beloved Jessie Foakes is exploding with raw talent, creativity that breaks the mould, and an amazing back-story that we have the privilege of hearing. Originally from Essex, the Artist/Tattoo Artist manipulates acrylics to become the reality of her minds-eye. We are very grateful for Jessie giving up her time to give us some further insight into her work.

You took the opportunity to live out of a van for a year, what made you choose to live that way?
Van life, I had a blue and white Volkswagen T4. We lived this way for a year simply because we had landed back to the UK from Australia, and one week later the start of lockdown life hit. We had planned to head back to Australia, but a lot had changed for us. We didn’t really have anywhere to go and decided that the van was our only option. We had spent a few weeks finding random spots on the road, spending our days at the tattoo studio. Then we would drive off into the evening to find a random spot to sleep for the night. A little later we landed a nice field next to the tattoo studio where we set up the van with an awning, which became our house. It was amazing to be honest, more so because it was Summer! We love being outside, so we were chuffed.
Where are you living now?
We are currently living in good old Essex, although, we would love to move out of here, who knows where but that’s the plan!
How did you spend lockdown?
I spent the first four months of lockdown delivering medication for Boots, that was full on and definitely opened my eyes to what delivery drivers do for us. I was super struggling with the fact that I wasn’t being creative. I was able to give the delivery role up as we were allowed to work again, so I tattooed for a bit before lockdown number two hit. I picked painting back up again, the last time was around six years ago where I painted three or four. I painted sneakers, I loved them before I headed off traveling and obviously, I couldn’t have carried all of them with me, so I figured paint what I love which is exactly what I did. All the sneakers that I wanted but couldn’t afford I painted instead, as painting was the next best thing. I would paint a trainer a month, my lady suggested painting things that others could relate to… so I did just that, and on the tenth of January I did my first ever collection… and here we are just over a year later.
What is your process when planning a new piece, do you sketch out your ideas or see where the paint takes you?
I always have a rough guide, well, so long as the basic shape of what it’s going to be is okay first, so it ends up looking like what it’s meant to... although, when I paint, I don’t plan I just run a muck and see where we go. It’s a fun process and feels so free!
Your art is mesmerizing, we at The Circle Gallery are obsessed. How would you describe your style of work?
Thank you, I really appreciate it! Hmm that’s tricky… I have no idea what I would call it, just running amuck really! I will use whatever I can get my hands on at the time, so it’s my own unique style that’s personal to me.
You use some really interesting things to paint with like pieces of wood and pens, what made you choose to paint with these items?
I use anything that I can get my hands on, or what’s just sitting there… I chose them in general beforehand because money was tight through lockdown, and it was the next best thing. Even cutting off the bottom of paint tubes worked just as good too!
You paint such a wide variety of subjects, what inspires you to paint the subjects that you choose?
Food shopping is a good one, I like objects and even when I tattoo, I’m the same. I have heaps of ideas but for now good old Tesco helps. My sister is a massive Disney fan and my partner loves cartoons, so they always chip in and help me.
Are you able to give us a hint of what incredible pieces you are working on next?
Hmm, what’s going on at the moment… Well, I’m working on some new characters, but I also have loads of ideas that I want to play with! So, we shall say, it’s going to be a bit of a mash up! Just keep your eyes peeled and all will be revealed in good time!”
Thank you for your time, Jessie, its been wonderful to get an insight into your world and inspiration

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