Introducing Jessie Foakes

After receiving the latest Limited-Edition hand-embellished canvases ‘Coco Dreams’, ‘Bollinger Bubbles’, and ‘Moet Moments’, I had to get in touch with the incredible artist herself, Jessie Foakes. The beloved Jessie Foakes is exploding with raw talent, creativity that breaks the mould, and an amazing back-story that we have the privilege of hearing. Originally from Essex, the Artist/Tattoo Artist manipulates acrylics to become the reality of her minds-eye. We are very grateful for Jessie giving up her time to give us some further insight into her work.

How have you been spending your time in Lockdown?
We have a family house full over Lockdown with 5 adults and 2 dogs so it can be lively here to say the least sometimes!! Fortunately, we have enough room to accommodate us all in our daily endeavours and it’s quite handy to have an in-house critique to bounce my arty ideas off! I can be found in my Attic Studio most hours of the day working on a new piece!
We are lucky to spend lockdown is such a picturesque area, have you found inspiration in your local walks?
It is a real treat to live in such a picturesque area. I simply have to look out of my Studio window into the tree-filled gardens to find inspiration, observing the ebb and flow of the seasons! Indeed strolling through the neighbourhood with my 2 enthusiastic dogs gives me my daily fix of nature.
Has the time at home enabled you to be more creative and productive?
Most definitely yes I have been extremely productive I love it! This time at home has been a luxury for me and has given me the freedom to experiment and practice with different media and enhance my skills at a more leisurely pace!
What can we expect to see from your next pieces of art?
My intention moving forward is to continue developing my ‘Tree Life’ theme. I will be presenting trees from around the globe, characterised and illustrated in my own unique way using the new techniques, paints and materials explored over Lockdown! 
How did you get the inspiration for these pieces?
The World of Trees and the Life within and around them, both real and imaginary remain my inspiration! I have travelled extensively (before the Pandemic of course) and have been witness to so many weird and wonderful visions of nature which remain in my memories like a colourful photo album! To quote the Great Sir David Attenborough ‘Life is Colour’  it is so true! 
What is your process when planning a new piece, do you sketch out your ideas or see where the paint takes you?
I sketch the ideas for a new painting in my head then transfer the basic ideas straight onto the canvas. Then I pretty much let the ‘scene’ evolve and come alive in front me as I add colour and textures! It is fair to say that I never quite know how the finished piece is going to turn out!!! My aim as an artist is to move and draw the viewers eye over the canvas to entertain and discover the hidden gems and the quirky life within the painting. To take a brief break from reality into a fantasy on canvas. Just Imagine!!!
Thank you for your time, Jessie, its been wonderful to get an insight into your world and inspiration

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