The range of glass available now is so much more than standard glass or non-reflective.

We are pleased to offer the Tru Vue range of glass which has seen many advancements over the years, where your items can be protected from harmful UV rays, and be so pure in appearance that it is almost invisible.

Our standard glass that we have worked with for many years is 2mm float glass, this has always been a standard picture glass, alongside this we also offer it in a non-reflective version.


Specialist Glass

We stock TruVue glass who produce a variety of Specialist Glass products: Conservation Clear – is a 2.5mm float glass with a very high UV protection. Reflection Control – is an acid etched, low reflection glass that comes both with and without a UV coating.

Water White AR (without UV protection) and Museum glass (with UV protection) are exceptionally clear types of glass that are almost invisible thanks to TruVue’s proprietary manufacturing process.

The image above shows the difference that TruVue Water white glass can make to an image, it really appears as if there is no glass in the frame. Come into the gallery to have a look at the sample, it is very impressive.


If you’ve got broken glass in a favourite frame, bring it in to us, we will clean out the broken glass and replace it and have it looking as it was in no time.


We are also able to offer mirrors both plain edge and bevelled edge to go into our range of frames, this means we can make them to the exact size that you require.