Artist Focus: Emma Loizides

For many, the notion of leaving behind the security of a corporate job to pursue a passion may seem daunting. Yet, for artist Emma Loizides, it was a decision fuelled by two decades of artistic dedication and a desire to embrace a new chapter of creative freedom.

“I have been painting for 20 years,” Emma shares, “and two years ago, I decided to leave my corporate job and paint full time.” The catalyst for this transition came during the lockdown period. Painting became not just a hobby, but a lifeline of joy and expression. As the world grappled with the challenges of the pandemic, Emma found solace and purpose in their art. This ultimately lead to the decision to make painting her primary focus.

‘My work is rich with texture, inspired by artists such as Wayne Thiebauld, who creates a creamy consistency with paint. My romanticized paintings feature quirky buildings and expansive skies with pops of pastel neon paint. The saturated cityscapes are about escapism, offering the viewer a moment to contemplate.  A short break from the chaos of city life. ‘

Emma Loizides

Learning a new trade

Despite being self-taught, Emma has invested years in honing her craft through evening courses and weekend workshops. “I love to continuously learn about new materials and techniques,”. Emma has a perpetual curiosity and commitment to growth within her artistic practice.

When it comes to medium, Emma unequivocally favours oils. The rich texture and versatility of oil paint allow for both intricate details and bold, expressive strokes. “My favourite artists are oil painters,” Emma notes, acknowledging the influence of those who have mastered the medium before her.

In terms of scale, Emma finds balance in working simultaneously on both large and small canvases. The freedom of expansive strokes on a large canvas, contrasts with the intimacy of detailed work on a smaller scale, providing a dynamic creative experience.


The inspiration behind Emma’s work is deeply rooted in their surroundings and experiences. Having spent significant time in urban landscapes like London and Miami. Along with traversing the expansive landscapes of the American West, their art reflects a fusion of cityscapes and natural vistas. “Road trips are a great source of inspiration,” Emma reflects, highlighting a love for America and the vastness of the landscapes they’ve encountered. This inspiration really comes across in the clean lines and colour palettes that Emma works with. Each piece will be worked on for weeks from concept to the decision to paint the final stroke.

‘I have been told by people in the past that my work has a sense of humor which I love, I like to think that my paintings are uplifting in some way. They are also about fun and enjoyment, sharing the feeling of nostalgia I get looking over a twinkling skyline, painting an ice cream van or mixing the Florida pink that brings happy memories.’

Emma Loizides

Royal Academy Summer Exhibition

Despite the freedom of artistic expression, Emma approaches their work with a sense of discipline. “I do try and plan what I am going to paint in a day,” emphasizing the importance of structure amidst creativity.

As for the timing of their artistic endeavours, Emma finds their rhythm in the daylight hours. “I like to wake up, go out for a walk have a coffee, and get any admin done before I start painting”. Outlining a routine that sets the stage for a productive day in the studio.

Reflecting on her journey thus far, Emma cites their acceptance into the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition in 2022 as a pinnacle moment of pride. After years of perseverance, Emma’s work was selected among thousands of submissions, marking a significant milestone in her artistic career.

For Emma, the decision to embrace a life as a full-time artist was not just about pursuing a passion—it was a testament to the transformative power of creativity and the courage to follow one’s heart. As Emma continues to evolve and grow as an artist, her journey serves as inspiration for aspiring creatives navigating their own path towards fulfilment and artistic expression.

We are thrilled to have the opportunity to offer Emma’s work to our customers at The Circle Gallery and look forward to bringing you new pieces as they are available.

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