Art in the community, Artist Amanda Padfield stood next to artwork by the school children

Art in the community – Holy Trinity School

When a teacher at one of the local primary schools reached out to us to support them encouraging art with the children, we were excited to start thinking how we could inspire young minds to create.   At The Circle Gallery, we are passionate about supporting art in the community.  Many of the artists featured on the gallery walls are local to us. So, encouraging a love of art in primary years was of great interest to us.  I contacted one of our local artists, Amanda Padfield to get her involved in the day.

Amanda has a unique style of art that  we describe as fantasy art. Hidden details unveil themselves to you the more you look at her work.  There is an incredible level of detail in each of her paintings and a story to be found.  We thought this style of artwork would capture the children’s imaginations. The theme of the day was set as ‘Hidden Treasures’.

'The children were so excited to be working alongside Amanda and having a go at creating a beautiful piece of their own. We have some really gorgeous creations and we are delighted to have raised the profile of art amongst the children'

A Day of Art in School

Amanda set the children a brief ahead of the day to think about what hidden treasures could be in their favourite tree.  Holy Trinity were committed to giving the children a day of art and had all the year groups involved from reception to year 6.  Amanda went around reach class, introducing her paintings and ‘hidden treasures’ that she uses in her work.  The children were each given a canvas panel to create their art on.  The results from each year group were amazing. Seeing how the children had taken their own interpretation of the brief was fantastic.  

We were very proud to be able to display 60 of the paintings in the gallery window for a week.  What an incredible display it made!  Take a look in the video below to see a close up of the artwork.  Hopefully this day has ignited a passion for art amongst the very creative children and encouraged more art in the community.

Art in the community, Amanda Padfield helping a school child with art

It was an incredible privilege to spend a unique and exhilarating day painting with the children of Holy Trinity School. Their enthusiasm and creativity was infectious, with hands shooting up as they discovered hidden treasures in my paintings. I loved the energy and interaction with these budding artists, each of whom created amazing pieces of art. Seeing them all have fun was the best reward for me.

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